War Remnants Museum

War Remnants Museum

Impression Book

  • After visiting the museum I inevitably touched, shed tears of sorrow for the fate of those who have shed blood for us today. Eternal gratitude to the national hero. Try to live so that good people!
    Le Van Bac Ho Chi Minh City, 22/10/2012

  • First time to visit the War Remnants Museum. Actually I can not imagine the brutal, cruel American soldiers have done for the people of Vietnam during the war. Although war was over our country but its influence remains. Agent Orange has terrible destructive to the next generation, the children with the burning dream, yearn to be without a limb, do I have to think a lot. Your smile makes the we have throbbing heart.
    Science, SV University Culture and Ho Chi Minh City, on 18/10/2012

  • A compelling exhibition. I pray that this destruction will not be seen again in this life or the next!
    Display compelling content! I pray that the devastation like this will never happen again in this life or in the future!
    Andie, UK, 01/10 2012

Exchange Program

 War Remnants Museum is a museum visitors a large number, of which more than 70% of international visitors, 20% are students, students in the country and most of them have not experienced war. This shows that the world's people, especially the younger generation is very interested in the history wars of aggression in Vietnam, the consequences of that war and the country's changing post-war Vietnam, the lives of victims of war, how, etc. For a lot of the information received delegations from the Museum's exhibition content is still not satisfied their desire to learn. So they want to meet the witnesses of war is the ex-political prisoners, veterans, war victims.

War Remnants Museum is responsible for bridging organization of the exchange between the visitors to witness the war at the Museum, at home the victim or abroad. Join exchanges, customers have the opportunity to reach out to "living proof" of the crime, the consequences of aggressive war, was to capture the information in a truthful, objective, comprehensive and lively. So they better understand the country and people of Vietnam. Also from these touching story they have learned many lessons about the experience of living in every situation, lessons about the will to strive to overcome difficulties, humanity, loyalty, ... To the witnesses war, sharing, empathy, admiration and respect of many people to help them become more confident, they feel more useful in life, especially to educate the younger generation about the anti-war ideological invasion, to protect peace.

On Agent Orange 10-8

Exchange activities:

• Time: about 03 hours (including time to visit the Museum);

• Number of exchanges: in groups of 10 - 100 people;

• Number of documents 01 - 03 people;

• Type of exchange: storytelling, cultural exchanges (songs, poems, dances, composed during the war, praising the hometown love, couples, praising peace, ...) , experience life in the family of the victims of war (homestay), enjoy the products made by victims of the war, combined exchange visit some historical sites other than the Museum (Tunnels Cu Chi, Chien Forest Sac - Gio Monuments Con Dao prison, Phu Quoc POW prison monuments, the Peace Village, child care facilities, victims of Agent Orange, etc.)

• Customers wishing to exchange contact should last at least 01 months.


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