War Remnants Museum

War Remnants Museum

Impression Book

  • After visiting the museum I inevitably touched, shed tears of sorrow for the fate of those who have shed blood for us today. Eternal gratitude to the national hero. Try to live so that good people!
    Le Van Bac Ho Chi Minh City, 22/10/2012

  • First time to visit the War Remnants Museum. Actually I can not imagine the brutal, cruel American soldiers have done for the people of Vietnam during the war. Although war was over our country but its influence remains. Agent Orange has terrible destructive to the next generation, the children with the burning dream, yearn to be without a limb, do I have to think a lot. Your smile makes the we have throbbing heart.
    Science, SV University Culture and Ho Chi Minh City, on 18/10/2012

  • A compelling exhibition. I pray that this destruction will not be seen again in this life or the next!
    Display compelling content! I pray that the devastation like this will never happen again in this life or in the future!
    Andie, UK, 01/10 2012


     To help in kind from official materials become the property of the State, is protected under the provisions of the law, parts inventory and storage is done according to the following process:

1. The inventory

- Receive and record of delivery in kind from the research department Collectibles switch after the meeting of the Scientific Council and museum director decision to enter exhibits in storage facilities.

- Remember to register objects and reference book for monitoring objects (if any)

- Remember to Vote scientific passport (with photo attached), slip additives.

- Enter data management software artifacts to get the card management software artifacts and exhibits sponsored by FSP project.

- Mark the number of the objects.

- Develop a list of collection (if any).

- Sort objects by material and transported to the storage.

- To collect, Supplementary material to serve the scientific research and museum collections lookup.

- Implementing procedures for export and import of materials for museum professional activities in accordance with their terms

2. Preservation work

- Classify, arrange and sort objects on the stock material, collection.

- Record Book classify objects according to material.

- Protect, preserve and prevent harmful elements to objects.

- Planning for preservation is to protect and preserve artifacts.


Training with the French on the inventory

Preservation of outdoor exhibits.


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